Your A to Z dictionary of environmental words

Share   This dictionary is an A to Z list of important environmental words to help you read and understand more about our environment. Scroll…

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Strawberry picking in the Cape

ShareStrawberry Picking Strawberry Farms are open for strawberry picking during strawberry season. The Polkadraai Farm Stall: The stall has an extensive range of dried fruits, nuts, jams,…

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Share  Successful construction with PERI With a turnover of 1,099 million euros in 2013, PERI is the largest manufacturer and supplier of formwork and scaffolding…

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CPD accredited talk hosted by Coverland

Cape Brick

ShareEstablished in 1938, Cape Brick is the longest running manufacturer of quality concrete masonry in operation in the Cape. Our product range includes concrete bricks…

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Overberg Joinery Works

Share Overberg Joinery Works was opened in 2009 by Simon Smith former owner and founder of Benchmark Joinery cc. After many successful years in the highly…

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Share  It’s time to ‘go green’ at work! There is a worldwide trend to become more environmentally friendly in our personal lives as well as…

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AC Screens and Shutters

Share Leaders in solar screens and roller shutters since 1997 Our precision engineered products control the sun’s energy entering a building to maximize the occupants’ private comfort and the building’s energy efficiency,while aluminium roller…

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Stylish Cocomosaic tiles

Share    Cocomosaic tiles are hand-made by cutting coconut shells into small, perfectly sized squares, and then bonding the squares into larger tiles. Various colours…

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Hippo is discussing the numerous advantages of green building.

Share           More and more people are becoming environmentally aware in their households and when building. People are choosing product and…

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Latest developments of the Better Living Challenge

ShareThe country’s largest green think tank has been assembled to select the finalists from 130 entries. Some of the latest developments include:  Finalists will be…

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ShareEcoStandard, a joint venture between Jeffares & Green Consulting & Environmental Engineers and Rayne Neave of EcoExhibit, was named winner of the Green Economic Modelling…

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Eco Standard win an award!

Share    It is with great excitement that we’d like to share the news that EcoStandard was named winner of the Green Economic Modelling category…

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How can we economize on electricity and water without spending a fortune.

Share    To actually save big you have to spend some money on energy efficient and water saving appliances. Here are a few hints on…

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Sunworx on Heatpumps.

Share HEAT PUMPS   What is a Heat Pump? A heat pump is a machine that moves heat from a low temperature source to a…

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Sunshine Heaters

Share  Profile We are a proud importer of infrared heating panels and intelligent heating solutions.  We import innovative products of high quality. By continually innovating…

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Van Dyck

Share COMPANY BACKGROUND Van Dyck Carpets Pty Ltd is the oldest South African carpet manufacturer, based in Durban, and has been in operation since 1948. Van…

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Share    LunarProducts has had a busy start to 2014 and has been involved in various retrofit, and New building projects, including assisting with options…

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ShareMost home owners and business executives these days are very aware of environmental issues, and there is a strong swing towards using sustainable resources and…

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Share Design and manufacture of structural timber post and beam buildings and joinery. Houses, extensions, garages, stables, conservatories, garden rooms, workshops, warehouses, farm buildings, wineries…

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Another excellent Bamboo Project

Green is Smart

Share           We are currently publicising the Green Economy Strategy Framework. The Strategy Framework informs and drives all projects conducted under…

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Creative Living’s CL range of furniture

ShareThe SYNTHETIC WEAVE FIBRE selected for the CL range of furniture is manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and is extremely resilient to all types…

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Floorworx and Advance Carpets coming together

ShareTwo dynamic companies who have entrenched themselves as strong players in the flooring industry through product and service excellence have come together to form a…

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What is LEED?

ShareWhat is LEED? LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and environmental Design. It is a certification process that works on a rating system. It was…

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An introduction to Green Building


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CPUT’s CPD Natural Building Collective Courses and Workshops 2014

Share Whether it is building a compost toilet, pizza oven or just learning more on techniques and materials for natural building, you are sure to…

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New Norms and Standards for Subsidy Housing Sector (SANS 10400 XA) Networking event

Share GreenCape and Department of Human Settlements invite you to join us for a Networking Event on: Norms and Standards for Subsidy Housing Sector (SANS…

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Better Living Challenge

ShareWe are looking for a great home improvement solutions for low-income living in the categories Structural home, Comfortable Home and Connected Home which will go…

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launch of EcoStandard, the first Proudly South African Ecolabel for building products.

Share We are very excited to launch EcoStandard, the first Proudly South African Ecolabel for building products. EcoStandard, developed in conjunction with Jeffares & Greenis…

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How eco-friendly is concrete?

ShareThe Concrete facts. Just thinking ahead of Eco-exhibit’s free talk on Thursday, I’ve discovered a few concrete reasons that concrete is a sustainable building product:…

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Eco Exhibit hosts a free talk on sustainable concrete construction

ShareThe hard, concrete facts!  Annual global production of concrete is about 5 billion cubic yards. (Source: Cement Association of Canada)  Twice as much…

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Share  Profile Island Fires are the dedicated arm in South Africa for a British product maufactured by ‘Charnwood’. Charnwood has been supplying South African’s with…

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Green Buildings: Rational Solutions

ShareBy: GBE FACTS In developed countries, about 40 percent of total energy generation is consumed by the building sector. The continuous improvement in the standard…

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Wood – a sustainable building solution.

ShareOn Friday 8th February, the 3rd annual wood conference, hosted by HWZ International, brings together leading industry experts to discuss the sustainable use of wood…

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Welcome to EcoExhibit
South Africa's first permanent Eco Exhibit Demonstration Space


Welcome to EcoExhibit, South Africa’s first permanent Eco Exhibit Demonstration Space, a space that promotes sustainable design and innovation in project planning, eco-design and green construction through the use and education of environmentally considerate and beneficial materials.

Under one roof, you will find suppliers who are making an effort to assist you in meeting the environmental needs of our planet and South Africa.

Located within Cape Town’s Building Center in Northgate Estate, Eco Exhibit gives developers and builders the chance to view groundbreaking products and services in one convenient setting.

We focus mainly on promoting suppliers associated with the building industry, but the exhibition extends to the full spectrum of lifestyle products and services too.

Green development is the way of the future.

Come and see for yourself.


2014-09-02 09.27.55 HDR

EcoExhibit's boardroom

EcoExhibit’s boardroom for Exhibitors use

Velux skylights

More Eco Exhibitors